Framed by Feminists


Framed by Feminists

Framed by Feminists  at Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, October 28, 2018. A market of affordable feminist art with socially-minded programming that will run as an alternative art experience to the weekend of Art Toronto. Framed by Feminists provides an egalitarian and inclusive space for artists and art lovers to engage without the high cost of participation.

Vendor Spotlight: CAROL BARBOUR
“My current work is inspired by Renaissance art and emblem books.  I will be showing works that both celebrate and dismantle portrayals of women in historical art.”

Carol will be showing an altarpiece titled “Birth of the Child,”a painting on wood titled “Femina Emblema,” along with limited edition multiples which are reproductions of the paintings. In addition to the artwork, copies of her new poetry book and early artist books will be for available for sale at Framed By Feminists.

Framed by Feminists – Carol Barbour

20 visual artists will offer their works for sale including paintings, drawings, sculptures, collage, and more! 

Participating Artists

Carol Barbour
Yaara Eshet
Yara El Safi
Joanna Strong
Alisha Davidson
Anne Borshell
Charlie Star
Rotem Anna Diamant
Sarah Zanchetta
Angela Marsh
Stefania Bussey
Las Lobas Collective
Ilene Sova
Amy Duval
Grace Brooks
Jane Tarini
Jibola Fagbamiye
Kristy Blackwell