Visual artist, poet and art historian.

Carol Barbour has worked as an artist and writer throughout her life. Paintings, sculptures and artist books have been exhibited at galleries, libraries, and books fairs in Canada, USA, and Europe.

Poems, essays, and fiction are published in arts journals and catalogues such as Scintilla, Canthius, Acta Victoriana, The Fiddlehead, Transverse Journal, among others. Recent books include the poetry collection Infrangible (2018) and the artist book Alter Pieces (2019).

Currently a postgraduate student at the Warburg Institute, University of London, Carol studies the transmission and reception of the Tabula Cebetis with a particular focus on the migration of metaphor in image and text.


Two Heads, oil on wood. Mary Magdalene and St.John, oil on wood with plaster.
Poems by Carol Barbour
Poetry Collection